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PicPerfect Est. in Melbourne 1999, specialises in High Quality Handcrafted Modern Abstract Sculptures. Our Abstract Sculptures are made from cast aluminium and poly resin. Each piece is individually hand polished and finished with a high gloss colour enamel.

The Collection of beautiful Sculptures by Lemongrass® are designed in Australia and are exclusive at PicPerfect. We have a range of Abstract, Contemporary and Figure Sculptures.

Every Sculpture is QA checked, to ensure the Abstract Sculpture you receive from PicPerfect is of the Superior Quality our Customers have come to expect. Our Sculpturists are very articulate with their attention to detail, and in providing PicPerfect with Quality Handcrafted Sculptures, it has enabled us to supply various Interior Decorators and Designers, Hoteliers and Private Art lovers all over the world.

PicPerfect guarantees high standard craftsmanship and world class quality in every Abstract Sculpture sold in our Collection. To back up our total confidence, we offer a 7 day money back guarantee.

Beautiful Modern Abstract Sculptures starting from: $199.99 Take a browse Today! We are certain you will find the Perfect Sculpture that will suit your home, taste and budget.

Visit: www.picperfect.com.au

Email: sales(at)picperfect.com.au or call (03) 9390 5535 or 0413 170 118 for any enquiry

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