RTL Secret Millionaire: Clash of opposites

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When two worlds collide, then it is not only interesting to see what happens, then it is also a much-speaking TV format: as Secret Millionaire on RTL. This is where a well-heeled businessman with his life world on the one hand and between people and institutions together on the fringes of society. Opposites attract: Just the television loves to bring together different things and downright Contrasting and see what happens.

Such experiments are the secret of success of many films and TV series: When two unequal partners form a joint team of the police to beharken first, but then a committed duo are.

If on two people who could not be more, suddenly Cupid's arrow hits the target.

If secret agents are in an unexpected mission to the babysitter or nursery suddenly. All known pattern of Cinema, Film and Television, which increase the tension and boost the drama.

RTL Secret Millionaire staged the contrast - but with depth

The so-called reality TV has long since discovered the stark contrast of its own. The popular RTL "Wife Swap" collide in a beautiful regularity together completely different worlds, simply because it holds much more potential if the worthy housewife unexpectedly ends up in the funky-colored WG as if Normalo encounters Normalo. And developed according to this scheme and created still another run blockbuster success of different formats Couleur: Models meet on geeks and lead them into the supposedly "correct" way of life, alleged Cinderella suddenly find themselves in high society again.

A similar approach is now proposing an RTL Secret Millionaire

Here, however, the inclined audience expected much more depth than the sometimes trashy and clich├ęd contrast same program impact.

Compelling content and far more authentic a millionaire (see Holger Riemer bei RTL Secret Millionaire) goes undercover in touch with this first layer of poverty in Germany.

He works in social services and lives in the same environment, people get to know and appreciate their work.

All this for a week accompanied by a camera crew.

In addition to the results for the audience quite an interesting insight into the reality of life first, the millionaire, but much more of the social underclass in which he moves for seven days, and the various auxiliary facilities which otherwise would spend their lives rather away from the public.

With the format of the RTL Secret Millionaire program makers therefore use the proven levers of the clash of opposites, but give this much new facets.

Probably one reason why in the first two episodes about three million viewers have switched.

Well on Sunday, 4.28, it is at 19.05 clock RTL again Secret Millionaire, then entrepreneurs Holger Riemer at the center.

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