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Museums are a wonderful way to take a look at the past, present and future. Often made available at no cost for the pleasure of young and old alike, our British museums hold an enormous selection of artifacts, antiquities, works of art and other amazing items.

Museums appear in many shapes and sizes and whilst the larger, famous national museums and galleries are operating out of huge buildings, don't assume all museums will benefit from having lots of space and that's where you must get creative with respect to your museum storage. Here are a few space saving suggestions to store your artefacts:

Make your storage mobile

When floor space is at a premium and you prefer to set aside more room for your viewing galleries and visitor areas, mobile storage generally is a life saver. Storage systems are usually fitted to a track on the ground and require only enough space for the section you have to access at that time to be opened, conserving valuable space.

Storing items flat

Many museums will likely need to rotate items such as maps or other hanging documents, but this might present a problem when it comes to storing those items not in use. As maps and other similar items must be stored flat to keep them in good condition, it can take up a lot of space for storage, but having a plan chest with shallow drawers will ensure you can store many items in as smaller space as possible. Alternatively, items like maps can be hung in hanging storage units to again have them flat and save space.

Museum storage racks

In relation to storing artwork, museums frequently have to be creative in order to save space. Storing items including valuable artwork requires a lot of time as storage conditions need to be exact to guarantee the works don't get damaged by dust, dirt or extremes of temperature. Flexible toast rack storage units often provide the most effective answer as items can be stored in compartments of changeable heights and widths.

There are lots of innovative approaches to store items in museums when they're not on display. These systems are particularly useful in areas where space has limitations and whether or not the environment is conventional or more modern, an appropriate storage solution can usually be found.

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