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While your car happens to be your principal means of travelling, it's critical this car continues to be in good condition, which suggests you'll need to locate a trusted local garage to carry out regular car servicing.

After you've found one, exactly what can you expect from your local garage?

Car Servicing

Just about the most essential things to keep in mind if you own a car is to make sure it is serviced frequently. This is not only necessarily when the manufacturer tells you to but also on a periodic time frame to make certain that your car is prepared for the alterations in driving conditions that take place in the high heat of summer or the freezing cold conditions of the winter. For example, a winter check will ensure that the vehicle has adequate anti-freeze levels, that tyres are in a very good condition and that lights are functioning properly, in preparation for the troublesome road conditions that are coming.

MOT testing

Any vehicle which you use must be kept in a roadworthy condition, which is why when your car gets to 3 years of age it'll need to pass an annual MOT test. This isn't the same as having your car serviced and continuing to drive after your current MOT has ran out will lead to prosecution. It is thus critical that you recall the particular date of your up coming MOT test or determine whether your garage provides a reminder service. Some garages nearby will call you in the period before your MOT is due again to remind you to book your next test.

If your vehicle passes the MOT test you are at liberty to drive away and benefit from another year of driving, however if it does not pass you will have to arrange for the mandatory repairs to be carried out and then present the car for re-testing within 10 days.

Most MOT garages will also perform car repairs so you can address the problems quickly and effectively. If your garage is reliable and trustworthy they will inform you of what they are going to fix before they start any work and can supply any parts for assessment - so make sure you seek this peace of mind before they carry out the repairs.

Car Repairs

Whilst car servicing and MOT tests are something that you can prepare for, car repairs generally aren't. If the car refuses to start in the morning, can't help you get home or starts making a strange noise, it's time to get hold of your nearest garage to learn precisely what the issue is. Qualified mechanics can diagnose the problem and let you know what needs to be done to fix it and how long it'll take.

Having the phone number of a trustworthy garage in the local area to hand will prove invaluable if you suddenly find yourself with car issues or you need to schedule in your next MOT or car service.

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