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Smartphones have revolutionised the way we exercise, as helpful apps and a straightforward way to play music provides us much more understanding of our performance and the enthusiasm we will need to push it to the max!

However, the big concern is deciding where you can put your phone so it's accessible although not in the way - running using your phone in your hand isn't the perfect idea in the rain and even the most mindful of us will be at risk of it falling onto the floor. Equally, having your phone bouncing around in your pocket can be annoying and awkward; it could even slow you down if you need to keep taking it out to take a look at the screen.

So, what is the answer? What about the sports armband?

A sporting armband isan excellent way to prevent these difficulties and let you continue your exercise. There is a wide variety of armbands available designed to keep your valuables, such as your phone safe, dry and easily accessible, whilst being durable and comfy to put on. But finding the right one for you and your device can be quite a bit tricky - for instance is it suitable for your exact phone? Does it have the right strap size? Will it be durable? Is it stylish enough?

There are many different armbands that you can buy, suitable for various mobile models, for all your sporting activities. Whether you're a fitness bunny, a laid-back jogger or an avid adventurer, these sensible armbands won't weigh you down and will enable you to store and use your phone quickly.

If you're able to pick the right suited sports armband, we've listed the key things to watch out for:


It's worth buying a excellent quality armband using breathable and lightweight materials for example flexible Neoprene or soft, top quality Lycra.

Great sports armbands will also incorporate a transparent screen covering to shield your device from scratches and scuffs whilst still permitting you to access all the apps you will need via your touch sensitive screen. Look out for special features, like sweat-proofing, to keep your device dry and functioning perfectly, reflective strips for low light conditions, and additional room and holders for keys and plastic cards.


The way that your armband feels whilst you're working out with it is so important; it has to fit snugly around your arm and be light enough not to be burdensome.

In addition to locating a sports armband that reduces bounce, watch out for earbud strips that could prevent the cords from twisting and getting in your way while you listen to your favourite songs.

Just because your armband is comfortable, doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style - even the most sleek and form fitting armband will give users an ultimately comfy way to work that workout look.


Though light, armbands using hard-wearing Neoprene will give you a more durable device for all your outdoor and sports activities.

Scratch and wear resistant screen covering panels will make sure that your phone remains safe and secure and free of damage wherever you happen to be. Look for the quality of the sports armband, as this gives you an indication of just how reliable and long-lasting it will likely be.

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